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    How do we create a “Green Product”?

    Five major things we at OKI take into consideration when constructing “Green technology”

    Green design

    At OKI Data Corporation, a holistic approach to green issues is taken when new products are developed. The environmental considerations are automatically integrated into the design, engineering and post-sales care of each product and its consumables.

    RoHS Directive-control of substances

    The Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive has been in force since July 2006 and its mission is to provide a measurement infrastructure which supports innovation, facilitates fair competition, promotes international trade and protects consumers, health and the environment. OKI Data Corporation is promoting the control of substances subject to the RoHS Directive for all products in the US, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Japanese markets.

    OKI Data Corporation has also built a Global RoHS database containing the measurement data and supplier certificates for every component of each model and ensures that all its suppliers are RoHS compliant maintained by carrying out ‘spot checks’ for random sampling of components to ensure and maintain ongoing compliance).

    Green packaging

    OKI’s green leaf symbol which can be found on our products and packaging,  is a reminder of the company’s environmental processes. Packaging, in every market, can have a significant environmental impact during its production and disposal. To reduce these environmental impacts, OKI Data Corporation is striving to design eco-friendly packaging and substitute materials for greener alternatives. This includes everything from cardboard boxes for products, to the wooden pallets that are used during transport.

    OKI Data Corporation is even investigating the use of ‘bare packaging’, where products are covered in polythene during transport, minimizing packaging while giving the same protection from dust and scratching as more heavy-weight materials. Additionally, as an alternative to wooden pallets the company is testing pallets made of corrugated cardboard, which are easier to handle and recycle.

    Air Pollution

    As a corporation and manufacturer, OKI is committed to careful stewardship of environmental resources. Most OKI products are compliant with the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Program.

    OKI printers are designed to cut energy consumption up to 50% when they are idle. This reduces the risk of air pollution resulting from power generation and reduces your operating costs. And our digital LED technology makes the working environment healthier by virtually eliminating ozone production.

    Green Manufacturing

    These products also need to be manufactured in a Green environment and the whole process has to be considered as an end to end system which is why Oki has a Green Procurement Standard as part of the Vendor Assessment process.

    Within the manufacturing process, a major Green IT challenge that has existed for many years is the need to remove pollutants, reduce carbon emissions, reduce energy consumption and still produce viable commercial products.

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